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MYDAYS is an outdoor brand dedicated to equipping outdoor enthusiasts with quality products. We are mainly engaged in the R&D, producing, processing and sales services of hunting and outdoor products such as backpacks, cushions, bow cases, ATV&UTV bags ,etc. We are striving to help others who loved and enjoyed the outdoors .




Versatile Storage: Toy, rifles, umbrella, alpenstock, crutch and other elongated things will all find their places. Make your trip more convenient and easier. Every set of rack has 2 small pockets and 2 hanging baskets for rifles.
Easy To Install: You don’t need any tools. Just hang the straps across the headrests. It also allow you grab the guns easily.
Universal Fit: Great fits for most vehicles, like SUVs, Sedans, Jeeps, Mini Vans, Pickup etc.
Easy To Storage: It can be fold up when you don’t use it. It won’t take lots of places. Can be easily put in your gloves box.
Package includes: 2 x Camouflage Sling Organizer.
Stay organized and prepared for your next hunting adventure with the MYDAYS Seat Back Gun Rack, Gun Sling Bag, Camo Fro. As a 15-year-old kid who loves the outdoors, I know how important it is to have reliable gear that makes my hunting trips more efficient and enjoyable. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of these products!

H2: MYDAYS Seat Back Gun Rack – Convenient and Secure Storage Solution

The MYDAYS Seat Back Gun Rack is the perfect accessory to keep your firearms within easy reach while ensuring they are securely stored during your travels. With its adjustable and sturdy design, this gun rack can be easily attached to the back of your vehicle’s seat, maximizing storage space and keeping your guns safe.

Thanks to its versatile hooks and straps, the rack can accommodate various firearms, including rifles and shotguns. This ensures that your valuable firearms stay securely in place even during bumpy rides. No more worries about your guns shifting or getting damaged!

H3: Features of MYDAYS Seat Back Gun Rack

– Adjustable design to fit most vehicle seats: Whether you have a sedan, SUV, or truck, this gun rack can be easily adjusted to fit your seat securely.
– Sturdy and durable construction: Made from high-quality materials, this gun rack ensures long-lasting durability, providing peace of mind during your hunting trips.
– Easy installation without any tools required: You can effortlessly set up the rack in minutes, and it can be removed just as easily when not in use.

H2: Gun Sling Bag – Hands-Free Storage Solution

When it comes to hunting, having your essentials within arm’s reach is crucial. The Gun Sling Bag by MYDAYS offers a convenient and hands-free storage solution. Designed with practicality in mind, this bag allows you to keep your ammunition, hunting accessories, and gear easily accessible at all times.

With its adjustable and sturdy shoulder strap, the Gun Sling Bag can be comfortably worn across your chest or back. This design keeps your hands free, allowing you to move with ease while providing quick and convenient access to your supplies.

H3: Features of Gun Sling Bag

– Spacious compartments: The bag features multiple compartments, allowing you to organize and separate your gear effectively. This ensures that you can easily locate the items you need, saving you time and hassle.
– Durable and water-resistant material: Made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric, this bag protects your belongings from the elements, ensuring that your essentials are always kept safe and dry.
– Adjustable strap for a personalized fit: The adjustable strap allows you to customize the bag’s position and fit according to your comfort and preference.

H2: Camo Fro – Stay Disguised and Blend into Your Surroundings

To truly master the art of hunting, blending into your surroundings is essential. The Camo Fro by MYDAYS is a camouflage hat that not only offers practicality but also adds a touch of style to your hunting attire.

Made from high-quality, breathable fabric, this hat keeps your head cool and protected from the sun’s rays. Its camouflage pattern ensures that you remain unseen by your prey, increasing your chances of a successful hunt.

H3: Features of Camo Fro

– Effective camouflage design: The Camo Fro’s pattern mimics natural elements, helping you blend seamlessly into your hunting environment, making it harder for animals to detect your presence.
– Comfortable and breathable fabric: The hat’s fabric allows air circulation, keeping your head cool and comfortable during long hunting sessions.
– Adjustable strap for a perfect fit: The Camo Fro can be easily adjusted to fit your head size, ensuring a snug and secure fit throughout your hunting adventure.

In conclusion, the MYDAYS Seat Back Gun Rack, Gun Sling Bag, and Camo Fro are must-have accessories for any hunting enthusiast. These products offer convenience, organization, and style, ensuring that your hunting trips are more enjoyable and successful. Remember to always prioritize safety while enjoying the great outdoors. Happy hunting!