Wholesale Twix spreadable caramel chocolate cream 200 grams


Twix Chocolate Caramel Flavoured Spread with Biscuit Pieces (200g) Dive into the delectable world of Twix with our Chocolate Caramel Flavoured Spread, enhanced with delightful biscuit pieces, encapsulated in a 200g jar of pure indulgence. Crafted meticulously to capture the iconic taste of Twix, this spread promises a memorable experience for chocolate and caramel enthusiasts alike. Each spoonful unveils a harmonious blend of rich chocolate and creamy caramel, reminiscent of the beloved Twix bar. As you savor the velvety texture, you’ll encounter the delightful crunch of biscuit pieces sprinkled throughout, adding a delightful contrast and enhancing the overall sensory experience. Ideal for spreading on toast, waffles, pancakes, or simply enjoyed straight from the jar, Twix Chocolate Caramel Flavoured Spread with Biscuit Pieces offers a versatile and scrumptious addition to your culinary repertoire. Whether you’re looking to elevate your breakfast, snack, or dessert, this spread provides the perfect blend of flavors and textures to satisfy your cravings. Packaged in a convenient 200g jar, it’s the perfect size to keep in your pantry or gift to a fellow Twix enthusiast. Indulge in the iconic taste of Twix in a new and innovative format, where chocolate, caramel, and biscuit pieces come together to create a symphony of flavors that’s sure to delight your taste buds.


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2 32,109
4 62,065
7 And more.1,998

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